Lets discuss Star Wars : The Last Jedi

After so much of waiting and anticipation, Star Wars : The Last Jedi is finally upon us! Unlike The Force Awakens which most people enjoyed, this new film has divided the SW community. Some liked it so much that they’re calling it the best SW film made till date, some hated it so much that they’ve signed a petition to have the film removed from cannon. I’m sort of in the middle of these two extremes but anyway, lets get started with the discussion. Major spoilers ahead :

Since Luke Skywalker is my favourite character in Star Wars, I was really hyped to see him in this film and I can’t say I’m disappointed with the direction they took his character.

That Binary Sunset callback, Luke winking at C-3PO, his battle (sort of ?) with Kylo Ren, Rey and Ben’s fight with the guards, Luke teaching Rey about the force, Master Yoda’s force ghost, R2 playing the old Princess Leia clip, there were so many great moments in the film. Even though the film had a dark tone, there was plenty of humour which made it kind of balanced.

I just love Daisy Ridley and Adam Driver’s acting in this film. They keep getting better and better in terms of their characters. When Kylo Ren’s asking Rey to join her in ruling the galaxy, it seemed similar to the way Anakin asked Padme to join her. I just found that really cool. Poe’s whole mutiny arc was good too and that light speed crash sequence was just mind blowing. All scenes of Carrie Fisher were really good too.

Despite a lot of people saying that the whole Canto Bight sequence was boring, I found it interesting. Basically, I didn’t have too many issues with the film. I just found Snoke’s character a bit disappointing. The Rey twist made sense to me and if you think about it, its actually better that she’s a nobody instead of a Skywalker or a Kenobi. I was also hoping we’d get more of Luke’s green lightsaber in action but well, what can I say.

The thing that bugs me a lot about the film is Luke’s death. Did he die because of the force illusion thing that he did or did he willingly give himself up to the force ? I hope they clear this in Episode IX. But did he really have to die ? With Han dead and the passing of Carrie Fisher they could have used him in the next film too. I still can’t get over the fact that all our heroes from the original trilogy are gone, especially Luke.

I can see why quite a lot of people didn’t like this film but hey, atleast its not a copy of Empire Strikes Back. So to conclude, The Last Jedi was a very unexpected and unique film in the new trilogy which I loved watching. Especially that Yoda scene. That was my favourite!

Oh. Read them, have you? Page-turners they were not.

Since this is a discussion, I’d love to hear your thoughts on the film. Did you like the way they ended Luke Skywalker’s character ? What was your favourite moment in the movie ? Let me know in the comments below!


7 thoughts on “Lets discuss Star Wars : The Last Jedi

  1. theOwl30 says:

    When I saw the movie. I felt like Luke doing the “Force-illusion” seriously took alot out of him, probably killing him, but that he was OK with it.

    Snoke: when I saw Snoke in The Force Awakens, he looked and sounded darker, more mysterious. Here, in The Last Jedi, he suddenly sounds More outgoing/talkatie, sarcastic, conceited and “sassy”. Like a very powerful brat. His death seemed “too easy”. More on that in a bit.

    Kylo Ren: He fought along side of and together with Rey, against the guards, only to have Kylo become still more evil soon afterwards. And so—

    Could Snoke have simply left jos own mangled body and “possessed” Kylo Ren? Maybe not, but it was a thought. How did Snoke ever get so mangled-looking anyway? Who would be powerful enough to do that to him?

    The Big One for me in the entire movie was:
    I feel like Kylo Ren was LYING, big-time!, to Rey about her parents! I don’t believe him at all.

    What if Rey has no parents and was a created being? By who?

    C-3-PO is without a doubt THE most useless and annoying of all Star Wars characters. He never needed to be there at all.

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    • The Mechromancer says:

      Yep, Even Rey said that Luke was at peace when he was gone.

      It could be possible that Snoke’s using Kylo but that’d be highly unlikely. I think we’ll get more of Snoke’s origin in a cannon novel or something.

      You mean like Rey was created like Anakin ? JJ Abrams may change the story and say that Kylo was lying but Rian has confirmed that in his story, Kylo’s telling the truth. It was actually Rey who spoke it, Kylo just confirmed her.

      I don’t know, C-3PO is pretty nostalgic for me and I just love him!
      Though, agreed that he did not have any role in this movie, but all his scenes had me smiling so can’t really complain!

      Thanks for commenting! May the force be with you. 😀

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