How I became a Star Wars fan!

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

Actually no, this was just about in 2015, two weeks before the release of Episode VII : The Force Awakens. Until that time, I hadn’t seen a single Star Wars film. I just knew that there were lightsabers and a villain named Darth Vader who was freakin’ cool in these movies.

Around this time the internet was nothing but Star Wars. I mean like literally, there was nothing but Star Wars everywhere! Also there was this guy from school who kept on posting about SW on Facebook.

Star Wars is one of the biggest fandoms all around and I wasn’t part of it. I knew that Star Wars movies were rated pretty high on imdb too. I found it really irritating that I hadn’t seen these movies. I then saw the trailer for The Force Awakens and found it okay. Two days later, exactly one week before the release of TFA, all the Star Wars movies were coming on TV like all day long. So I was like, why not ?

I watched the original trilogy first followed by the prequels. To be honest, I found Ep IV okay. It was really old and overrated. Empire was a bit better because of Yoda but still wasn’t that good for me. While watching Return of the Jedi, I skipped the whole fight on Endor (Yeah, I found it boring) and just saw the Luke-Vader-Emperor scenes.

In the prequels, Ep I was watchable for me because it had Liam Neeson, who is one of my favorite actors. But Ep II was too much. All that talking and politics were just too boring for me. I skipped most of Ep III too and just saw the lightsaber battles.

I found the Star Wars saga boring, to put it plainly. Maybe I had overestimated these movies and maybe they just weren’t that good. But then I saw the trailers for TFA again and I can’t explain how or why, but just watching those trailers made me so nostalgic and I just fell in love with Star Wars. That ‘Chewie, we’re home!’ moment almost made me tear up. I was especially concerned about Luke and C3PO as they weren’t in the trailers. Even though I didn’t like the Endor battle, Luke in ROTJ was my favorite part of the whole saga.

After waiting for a week, I finally got to see TFA and I absolutely loved it! It made me want to watch all the Star Wars films again properly. And that’s just what I did.

I have been a huge Star Wars fan ever since and have seen all the films countless times. I don’t find Ep IV and V boring now, though Ep II is still a tad bit boring. I find the original trilogy better than the prequels, still the prequels aren’t that bad. I really want an Old Republic movie though!

P.S. – I forgot to mention, only 21 days left for The Last Jedi!


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