Why I don’t watch horror movies at the cinemas nowadays.

Annabelle Creation and Stephen King’s IT both were released recently. Pretty great time for a horror movies fan, right ? I am a huge fan of horror movies myself but I skipped both these films. Not that I wasn’t interested in them, I was really excited for IT. But before I can tell you why, I have to tell you this story :

It was the 18th of June ’16. There were three movies at the cinemas that I really wanted to watch : Conjuring 2, Now You See Me 2 and Finding Dory. But I could only watch one as I was leaving for a trip tomorrow and by the time I’d return, these movies wouldn’t have stayed at the cinemas. ( I was going to a camp and there was no chance that I’d be able to watch the movie there) This was a huge dilemma for me. I had recently seen Now You See Me and I loved it, so naturally I was really excited for the second part. Plus the trailers were really good too. Finding Dory had a nostalgic factor for me because I had seen Finding Nemo countless times since I was 10. And being a horror movies fan, Conjuring 2 was one movie that could not be missed.

I hate choosing between good movies, so I consulted some of my friends and the internet. Some of my friends had seen Conjuring 2 and they loved it. They told me that it was really scary and was a must watch. It had got positive reviews on the internet too but I was still a bit skeptical. I had not found the first part scary while even that had got positive reviews. Now You See Me 2 hadn’t got good reviews, so I thought about skipping that. Finding Dory though had great reviews but was an animated movie, I could watch it at home and the experience would be same. Conjuring 2 on the other hand, being a horror movie was something that needed to be experienced at the cinema hall. 

So, I went to the cinema with high expectations for the film and well, I was utterly disappointed. The film was well directed but wasn’t scary at all. Just the last 10 minutes were a bit exciting, the rest of the movie was a bore. The people there also ruined the atmosphere I was hoping the film would make. I mean they’d just sort of giggle when a supposedly scary scene was about to come. Some were just talking for half of the movie. I left the cinema feeling really low. I had sacrificed two great movies for this! 

I later saw Now You See Me 2 and Finding Dory which were both pretty good. the best out of these three being Finding Dory. The card throwing scene in Now You See Me 2 was fantastic but the finale felt a bit underwhelming, especially after they had raised the bar with the card scene. Finding Dory was as good as I had hoped it would be, maybe even better. It made me laugh and tear up in some moments. How I wished I had seen that instead of Conjuring 2 at the cinema!

The experience of watching a horror movie at the cinema wasn’t always bad for me. When I saw Paranormal Activity 6 at the cinema, I loved that movie despite it having negative reviews. Maybe it was because the hall was practically empty when I saw it, (There were just 8 people in the hall even though it was the second weekend of the film) that made it even scarier and thus I enjoyed watching that film.

Nonetheless, the experience of watching a horror movie for me is the best when I’m watching it on my laptop, in my room after midnight with the lights turned off. That’s how I saw the Insidious films which are among my favorite horror movies. ( Insidious : The Last Key trailer has got me so hyped! ) Don’t Breathe is also one of my favorites in horror which I saw the same way. 

So, I gave Conjuring 2 another try about a month ago watching it with the lights turned off, on my laptop. It didn’t change the fact that the movie wasn’t that scary but watching it this way, it felt a bit better, I felt more satisfied watching it than I had when I watched it at the cinema.

So, that’s pretty much why I don’t watch horror films at the cinemas. That’s just my opinion. Some people might find movies scarier in the hall. But I like to experience them when I’m alone, with the lights turned off. For me that’s the best way. I mean, what’s the point in watching a horror film when you’re not even gonna be scared watching it, right ?

So, do you find horror movies scary at the cinema hall ? What’s your favorite horror movie of all time ? I’d love to hear your thoughts below!


5 thoughts on “Why I don’t watch horror movies at the cinemas nowadays.

  1. Prudence says:

    I on the other hand is of the chicken heart variety and I hardly see horror films (My fave so far is The Witch 2015 and Get Out 2017 (not sure if this is horror) let alone in the big screen. The biggest factor would be the fact that I cannot mute or lower the volume if I go see it in the cinemas. I found out recently that Conjuring, now has its own shared universe like how Marvel does, and DC. So yeah, that blew my mind. Also I try to catch movies in the cinema during its earliest showing time, if I can. There’s hardly anyone there and I love it. I remember seeing Sicario and there were just seven if us. Also Sicario ain’t a superhero or animated film, so that accounts for the very very few people too.

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    • The Mechromancer says:

      Oh I love those people who are scared of horror yet still find the courage to see them!
      I haven’t seen Get Out yet but I’ve heard its really good and I’m gonna watch it. I don’t mind the loid volume but I find it really irritating when people keep talking during a scary scene.
      I went for the early morning show once but I’m not the early to rise type so I was feeling sleepy throughout the whole movie πŸ˜‚
      Sicario’s great and it’s also directed by Denis Villenueve!


  2. Ali says:

    Utterly hate horror movies. Am far too suggestible! Blair Witch Project terrified me, and I vowed never to watch a horror movie again. Recently I have dipped my toe, and now I feel unloved by them. Like they’ve lost all their power, and are a bit pathetic.
    I loved Finding Dory though! πŸ˜‚

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    • Harsimar says:

      I’ve never seen the Blair Witch Project actually but it is on my list.
      Maybe you saw an average movie which would explain why you were unmoved by them ?
      I’d say that you give them another chance if you really want to and try with a good movie like The Insidious series or Don’t Breathe (It’s more of a thriller, but it is really great!)
      Finding Dory and Nemo both are awesome! They made me laugh and tear up both! 😁


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